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Scanner Envy 40


Scanner Envy 950

TOURING LINE / from 97,500 €

Scanner Troy 40

TENDER LINE / from 118,000 €

Scanner One 888

ELEGANCE LINE / from 98,500 €

Scanner Cosmo 420 Jet Diesel

TENDER LINE / from 44,500 €

Scanner 710 Envy

TOURING LINE / from 36,000 €

Scanner Cosmo 560 Jet Diesel

TENDER LINE / from 126,000 €

Scanner Cosmo 450 Jet Diesel

TENDER LINE / from 62,000 €

Scanner Envy 710

TENDER LINE / from 49,900 €

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Scanner Envy 710
from 49,900 € Details >>
Scanner Cosmo 420 Jet Diesel
from 44,500 € Details >>
Scanner 710 Envy
from 36,000 € Details >>

About us

Plavetnilo has recently become the exclusive importer and distributor of Italian Scanner boats for Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Scanner is recognised for producing high-quality boats ranging from 3 to 14 meters, characterised by original design and excellent performance. They have useful knowledge on the benefits of craft design, combining ease of handling, economical running and safety features. The drafts, drawings and hull fittings are the result of years of research, testing the products in all sorts of conditions and in the most extreme adverse weather conditions, enabling Scanner to select the very best construction materials and technologies so that the final product achieves perfect harmony with the marine environment.

The construction of these boats has evolved into the perfect combination of design, speed, functionality, versatility and navigational safety, whilst fully respecting the physical laws that must be dealt with when nature displays its full force to those who dare to challenge her.

Scanner can design and build made-to-measure inflatable dinghies, with the characteristics and measurements requested by its customers as well as manufacturing small, medium and large luxury tenders for some years. 

High - quality production of Scanner boats combined with professional Plavetnilo team and continuous technical and commercial assistance will fully satisfy each client needs.   

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